Armasight Spark-G Night Vision Goggle Review

Armasight Spark-G Night Vision Goggle Review

Armasight by FLIR is a popular and leading brand in the US that produces the best thermal imaging, direct view binoculars, night vision equipment, illumination tools and other types of precision optics. The Armasight Spark Goggles is among the best night vision goggles that allow you to see very well in the dark.

About The Product

The Spark night vision goggle makes use of the Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine or the CORE image intensifier tube (IIT) which delivers a top-class resolution of 60 to 70 lp/mm and sensitivity levels of over 400 µA/lm which helps to minimize the edge distortion.

Armasight Spark-G Night Vision Goggle On Rifle

However, since the CORE does not have a microchannel plate, the Armasight Spark is classified as Gen1 category; however, all the features of the goggle are fairly advanced, which makes it comparable to Gen 2 or Gen 3 devices. Nevertheless, the Armasight goggle gives you excellent image quality even in low light conditions.

The Core IITs of the Armasight Spark are extremely sturdy and durable as they are made by fusing the ceramic compounds with metallic alloys just like the Gen 2 and Gen 3 tubes unlike the Gen 1 IITs, which are extremely fragile since they are made of glass.

The CORE technology is made of elements which are extremely sturdy and durable and the components are stacked tightly, which makes the image tubes shockproof and resistant to vibrations. Features of the Armasight Spark Goggle:

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    CORE technology 60 to 70 lp/mm
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    Includes flip-up headgear
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    Waterproof and weatherproof
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    Inbuilt infrared illuminator along with flood lens
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    IR indicator
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    Uses a CR123A lithium battery
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    Battery Life: 40 hours
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    Weight: 0.8 lbs or 0.37 kgs
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    Comes with a 2-year limited warranty

The image tubes are packaged extremely well to protect it from any breakages and this also makes the design more compact and streamlined. All this makes the Armasight Spark goggle rugged and reliable compared to other night vision goggles in the same category.

The CORE IITs of the Armasight Spark comes with a built-in infrared illuminator and the LED infrared indicator works on a lithium CR123A battery.

The monocular design makes the device suitable for use either on your right or left eye. The monocular goggle offers a magnification of 1x and delivers a resolution of 60-70 lines per millimeter. The night vision goggles give you a 35-degree wide field of view and the minimum focus range of the goggles is 0.25 meters.

Armasight Spark-G Night Vision Goggle Mounted On Helmet

The Spark can be mounted on various types of equipment such as helmets, cameras and weapons, or it can be used handsfree. The Armasight night vision goggle is extremely compact and lightweight which makes it perfect for use outdoors.

What We Liked

The Armasight Spark goggle has received an overall rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon with 50% customers giving it a 5-star rating.

The customers who bought the Armasight Spark had several positive things to say about the product. A buyer said that he needed a goggle that he could use to check out animals in the night, something which would not show up his presence.

Most of the Gen 1 devices he had tried earlier did not offer a good resolution and were grainy; however, he said that the Armasight Spark offered very clear vision. The buyer said that the goggle allows you see very clearly when there are lights from the city and in the moonlight.

However, when you go indoors or in the shadows, you cannot see anything and require to use the infrared illuminator. Overall, customers felt that the Spark is a good buy for the cost.

Customers said that the headgear is good and is useful as it frees up your hands. They felt that the IR illuminator is quite powerful; however, if you need illumination at more distance, you may have to use an IR flashlight.

Users felt that the resolution of the Armasight Spark was very good and can be compared to Gen 2 devices. While Gen 2 devices are usually quite expensive, they felt that the quality of the Armasight Spark is excellent and is a steal for the price.

They said that the device is an excellent combination of an illuminator and monocular. With some sort of illumination such as starlight, moonlight, etc. you can see up to 50-60 yards; however, you cannot really see into deep trees or shadows with the goggle.

Users liked the fact that the package came along with a monocular mount with a headband and the unit can be mounted very easily without requiring a lot of adjustment. And, the device stays in place without moving around when you’re walking around wearing it.

What To Look Out For

The mounting points of the Armasight goggle are not compatible with the standard Mil surplus mounts. Users felt that the headgear is heavy and may not be too comfortable to use for very long periods of time.

Armasight Spark-G Night Vision Goggle


Buying Advice

The Armasight goggle is available on Amazon and comes with free shipping right to your doorstep.

The Verdict

The Armasight Spark goggle equipped with CORE technology is a sleek and compact device which makes it an excellent multi-purpose and versatile night vision monocular. The goggle can be used both as a hand-held device or a head-mounted one making it a perfect accessory for all your outdoor night pursuits.

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