Armasight Vampire 3X Rifle Scope Review

There’s nothing quite like getting into the great outdoors and spending some time hunting, especially if you’re doing it under the cloak of night. There are plenty of exciting things that come out at this time and only those who are truly prepared will be able to hunt them expertly, and getting clear vision at night will certainly help a lot.

When you’re hunting outdoors there are many other things to think about though, whether it’s the night fog that hampers your vision or the rain and mud that are lurking around just waiting to damage your gear.

Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope

Therefore, you need something rugged enough to handle all of these tough conditions and more, and something that will help you have perfect vision no matter what the weather.

When it comes to your rifle scope, these accessories can be notoriously finicky, but it’s an accessory that you need to be built tough when you’re using it for hunting. That’s why you need something that’s resistant to the conditions outside and made from durable materials so that it actually lasts as long as it says it will.

The Aramsight Night Vision Rifle Scope has been designed as a solution to this, and it offers protection against the elements as well as a solid construction. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect night vision scope that you can take virtually anywhere, this is definitely one of the top contenders to consider.

About The Product

If you’re in the market for a night vision scope, you want to head straight to the people who know what they’re doing. Armasight specializes only in night vision optics and they have built a solid reputation for making some of the best around.

For those who take their weaponry seriously and want to invest in a brand that knows their stuff, this is the one to go with.

The Armasight Vampire Rifle Scope is fairly simple in its features, but where it stands out is that it’s built to handle the rough and tumble Of the outdoors whether you’re using the scope for coyote hunting or hog hunting or just throwing in your bug out bag shtf scenario. 

The scope is shockproof for those times you need to run, jump, and move around, and it’s also resistant to water, sand, and fog. Add all of these together and you get a serious scope that can handle it all.

It’s certainly worth noting the specs and features that come with the scope though, as it’s not all about how well it can handle the great outdoors. When you choose the Armasight Vampire Rifle Scope for your night vision needs, you’ll be getting:

CORE (Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine) image tube technology;

  • CORE (Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine) image tube technology;
  • 60-70lp/mm and increased sensitivity;
  • Detachable long-range illuminator;
  • check
    Quick release mount and low battery indicator;
  • check
    Mounts to standard weaver rails for more use;

To sum it up, this is a compact, sturdy, but not too heavy scope that excels at night and can If you’re someone who likes to take their weaponry outdoors and enjoy hunting under a whole new light, you’ll love everything that the Armasight Vampire has to offer.

The Good And Bad

The visibility that you can achieve with this scope is phenomenal, especially when compared to other generation 1 scopes that are out there. The CORE image intensifier tube technology doubles the image resolution of typical gen one devices and Ian often compared with the image quality of higher end gen 2 night vision scopes!

Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope

What’s even better is when you get to take it out in less than fair conditions, where other scopes simply wouldn’t hold up. The Vampire can actually see better when it’s a bit wet and raining or there’s some fog outside, so it will give you a true edge against others using inferior scopes.

Weighing around 3lbs, this is a scope that can add quite a bit of weight to your platform. This is where you’ll need to weigh up your need for something durable and tough enough for outdoor conditions versus something lightweight and easy to carry to really see where your preference lays.

Where To Buy An Armasight Vampire Rifle Scope

To get this serious scope and see what it can do for your next hunting expedition, head to Amazon for a great price on it. Currently, they have the Vampire Rifle Scope listed for just over $550, so it sits about mid-range when compared to other optics of similar quality.

Amazon will make your purchase even easier with their free postage and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime this postage will arrive in less than 48 hours. This means you can connect your new scope to your platform and get out into the night to see how it really holds up in a matter of days.

This rifle scope comes with a two-year limited warranty from Armasight so you’re covered for some time after purchase.

In terms of warranties for optics like this, the period seems pretty standard but at such a high cost for the product itself, you really want to be careful of doing any damage or using it in any way that might void the guarantee.

The Final Say

Not all rifle scopes have been made to be as tough in the outdoors, so if this is a priority for your accessories then you’ll want something as reliable as the Armasight Vampire. This is a serious rifle scope that can withstand rain, sand, dirt, fog, and shock, so you don’t need to give a second thought to how it’s holding up outside.

Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope

If you want to start getting out at night and need something with the clearest vision around, this is the perfect choice in optics to offer you that. Try out the Armasight Vampire Rifle Scope for yourself to see how tough it truly is.

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