American Technologies Network X-Sight 4K Rifle Scope Review

American Technologies Network X-Sight Riflescope Review

There are those who take their hunting very seriously, and this seriousness means they’re not afraid to spend up big to get the best gear out there. When it comes to your sight scope there aren’t many other accessories as important, so this is one area where you’ll want to be sure you have the finest.

Any old standard scope won’t cut it though, as you need something that’s cutting edge and hi-tech. If you’re a modern hunter who wants to use the latest and greatest technology with your optics then you’ll be open-minded about what that means – whether it’s video streaming or a built-in processor working with your standard optics.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Finding something this modern and capable of blending new technologies with the old can be hard to do in a market that’s so focused on the traditional way of doing things. However, there are some optics brands out there who are willing to take a risk and try their hand at achieving what’s never been done before.

ATN is one such brand, and they’ve succeeded in making a day and night riflescope that uses traditional design with a whole bunch of new features thrown in. if you’ve been searching for a way to modernize your hunting and enjoy what technology has to offer this traditional pastime, this is definitely one worth checking out.

About The Product

ATN’s slogan is ‘the future of optics’ and if we had to choose one phrase to sum them up then this definitely was the right one. Their range of optics takes care to create products that look and feel like traditional ones but with the added edge of electronics and technology. They create binoculars, monoculars, rangefinders, riflescopes and a range of other accessories, so they’re one of the biggest brands in this area.

The ATN X-Sight Scope is their 4K model which is the newly updated version of their last popular HD scope. What makes this such a standout from the rest is that it’s packed full of features that you might not normally find in a scope, all there to help you improve your sight and aim. These features include:

  • HD 4K sensor for high-resolution picture;
  • Intel core processor for stunning visuals;
  • Ballistic calculator to improve your shot;
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    Night vision mode for enhanced sight in the dark;
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    Low power use means batteries last for 18+ hours;
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    Dual stream video recording;

This is the perfect sight scope for those who have money to spend, and there’s no need to be an expert shot just to attach it to your rifle. It works just as well for both day and night and delivers clear HD vision, so it can help anyone improve their aim, no matter your skill level.

Pros And Cons

By far the coolest thing about this scope is its ability to stream live everything you’re looking at straight to your smartphone. This means you can watch back your hunting experiences, use it for training, or let others witness exactly what’s going on when you’re on the field, and even record it on the SD card within.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Another great benefit of this scope is the battery life, and it’s actually quite surprising how long it lasts when you’re using so much technology. A low powered hunting session with the ATN X-Sight Scope can go for around 18 hours before it starts to die, so that’s ample time to put it to good use.

Some of the reviewers weren’t too happy about bugs that occurred with the technical side of things and were waiting on the updated software to hopefully fix them. However, for the high price tag that comes with it, this isn’t the sort of thing you want to wait around for and would rather it’s just ready to use when you get it.

Where To Get Your ATN X-Sight Scope

When you’re shopping for new optics, you want to do it somewhere trustworthy, especially if you’re spending this much money.

Thankfully, the ATN X-Sight Scope is available through the dependable online marketplace at Amazon and for just under $700. While this might seem expensive compared to other scopes, you’re really paying for all of the added tech that comes with it.

For this price, you’ll also have the item shipped free of charge with Amazon and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime you will have it sent express. This means in just two days you could be taking your new scope out on the field, day or night, and you didn’t have to pay any extra for the privilege.

ATN offers a two-year limited warranty on the scope which is about what you’d expect for this price, and fairly standard when you’re dealing with electronics like this. However, it is quite a big investment to make so this is one scope you’re really going to want to be careful with.

Always store your scope away when in use and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you do nothing to void the warranty.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a riflescope that will do you well day and night, and has all of the latest and greatest technology working inside it, there’s really no better option than the ATN X-Sight Scope. This scope might be costly but it’s worth every cent when you realize just how futuristic it is.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Using this scope opens up a world of possibility for your hunting, whether you want to stream your adventures live or get HD views in the dead of night. Add the ATN X-Sight Scope to your optics collection as soon as possible.

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