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Can Security Cameras See in the Dark: A Closer Look at the Technology

Can Security Cameras See in the Dark

Can Security Cameras See in the Dark

A security camera helps in protecting your home or business, and one of the most important factors to consider in selecting a camera is the lighting condition. Most are designed to operate in normal lighting conditions, while there are some that are capable of seeing images at night. Read on and learn more about surveillance cameras to answer the question Can security cameras see in the dark?

Can Security Cameras See in the Dark?

Yes. This is especially true as long as you are using night vision security cameras. They are excellent tools if you are looking for a complete video surveillance security system for your home or office.

Surveillance or security systems lacking night vision capabilities are not useful at all since most unfortunate events tend to occur at night time. Thus, the security cameras with built-in night vision technology are highly recommended in order to capture images at night or in the dark.

How Does Night Vision Camera Work?

The electromagnetic radiation refers to the light that you see in the night vision cameras. Only a small part of the spectrum is visible to the eyes. With the numerous kinds of radiation, the night vision camera utilizes the low energy type.

Basically, the concept of night vision camera is quite simple.  They emit light that is detected by the camera. Night vision enables you to see in the dark while a typical camera usually requires lighting equipment.

Types of Night Vision

Night vision is an essential part of a security camera. This gives your device the ability to see in a pitch-black or even in twilight. The basic types of night vision technology are as follows.

  • Low-Light Night Vision

This is also referred to as image intensification. Its technology relies primarily on the image intensifier in order to deliver a colored night vision even on a very low light environment.

This image intensifier refers to a vacuum-tube-based device that generates images using a small number of photons to view real-time images using the naked eye. The intensification occurs when the output light produced is already visible and brighter than the incoming light. However, there are some cameras which require low light to produce color images.

Other than giving colored images in low-light conditions, the use of low-light night vision security camera is also efficient, and it is highly affordable.

  • Infrared (IR) Night Vision

The infrared light is an invisible band of radiation produced at the lower end of the visible light spectrum. Its range of wavelengths starts at the end of the microwave spectrum and ends at the beginning of the visible light, usually from red to violet light.

Normally, the security cameras are equipped with built-in infrared LEDs to produce images during low to no light conditions. The most important feature of this type of camera is the IR cut filter. It is a piece placed between the image sensor and the lens.

It has a mechanical shutter design and is usually controlled with an electromagnet or a motor. When this filter is activated, it will block the infrared light, allowing only the visible light to pass through. When it is turned off, the infrared light will turn the images into a black-and-white format.

Additional precautions should be given when installing infrared security cameras. Glass windows may give reflection or window glare at night. This may lead to washed out or overexposure images at night.

The Infrared night vision security camera is probably the cheapest type available on the market that provides image illumination at night without requiring additional light.

  • Thermal Night Vision

The thermal night vision technology features a unique lens that permits the infrared energy to pass through. It will then allow the light to focus and hit a sensor that automatically scans and draws the information from the field of view, which in turn creates a thermogram pattern.

This pattern transforms into electrical impulses that signal the processing unit to translate the data gathered into visual image displays. The created images vary in colors depending on the amount of Infrared energy emitted.

Instead of using light intensification, the thermal night vision system uses heat allowing them to see no matter what the light level or weather condition is.

The use of thermal night vision security camera easily gives a visible image contrast at night. This is also known to be completely immune to dust, smoke, and glasses.

What Are the Other Considerations?

Remember that low-light night vision cameras will work better with the presence of ambient lights. The presence of too much light such as sunrise or sunset may cause issues. Also, during cloudy nights with lacking lighting, it may render useless images.

The location on where you place the security camera also affects the efficiency of the device. Be sure to locate them in areas where there is high signal strength, especially for wireless units.

Night vision cameras can track and secure your properties in the dark. Infrared and low-light night vision technology is best used during the day and night to capture images. The infrared type outperforms the low-light type during the presence of inclement weather conditions.

Thermal night vision technology, which is a bit expensive, is best when spotting all kinds of intruders. However, the images formed by this system cannot identify a particular individual or object.

Always consider the budget you allotted to spend in security cameras. Check stores for options that can greatly satisfy your needs.

Final Thoughts

Security cameras really play a significant role in securing your home and business. As such it is necessary to choose the best types that offer outstanding features without breaking the bank. Not only should the camera capture during the daytime, but also during the night time or low-light conditions.

Can security cameras see in the dark? Definitely yes! This is with the help of the innovative night vision technology. Choose the type of night vision that fits your needs and works for you. Be protected and safe every time by having the most powerful security camera.

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