Firefield 5×50 Night Vision Monocular Review

Firefield 5x50 Night Vision Monocular Review
Firefield 5x50 Night Vision Monocular Review

Quick Overview






  • This is an affordable monocular when compared to similar products on the market. It’s only a first-generation product, but it does its job well.
  • The scope is lighter when compared to other scopes.
  • The buttons are within easy reach, so you don’t have to fight with your scope to use it properly.
  • You get high magnification with your scope.
  • It resists water so you can use it in harsher weather conditions.
  • The device is economical and easy to hold with a non-slip surface.


  • There is only one eyepiece since it’s a monocular lens.
  • It only works at night, so you’ll need to buy another one for the daylight.
  • Some other scopes have more features.
  • Might be too simple for advanced shooters.

There are many different night vision monoculars on the market. The Firefield 5 x 50 is a night vision scope for your rifle. It’s considered a first-generation night vision scope. When purchasing a rifle scope for night shooting, you want one that’s simple to use and easy to install. The Firefield 5x50 has a lot going for it for today’s night shooter. Here is our full Firefield 5x50 Night Vision Monocular review to see what this device can do for you.


This monocular has a wavelength of 805nm, and there is a first-generation intensifier tube. The scope is smaller when compared to other rifle scopes. It weighs 15.2 ounces and offers 5 x 50 amplification. Its only application is for nighttime, so you’ll need another scope for the daylight hours.

It’s hard to operate in bright conditions and not suitable for that purpose. Don’t turn on the night vision technology during the day and try to use your scope as this will damage the scope.

Main Features

There is no smart range finger or ballistics calculator with this scope. You will get 20 hours out of the two AA batteries it takes for scope operation. There is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth abilities with this scope.

You get 15 degrees field of view, and the viewing angle is 12.5 x 9.7. It operates at a temperature range of -20 to 40ºC or -4 to 104°F. The scope is water-resistant. It can be used in wet environments but don’t submerge it as it’s not waterproof, just resistant.

You should be able to see well out to around 100 yards. If you need to see from the viewable area, you may want to invest in a longer-range scope. The scope IR light is bright, so it’s not recommended for any sort of stealth as it’s not designed for that. You can pick up the scope in the darkness with ease. Turn off the IR light when there is additional light, such as bright moonlight.


This scope is quite light when compared to others. It can be carried over long distances thanks to being only 15.2 ounces, so you’ll have less fatigue. It’s below the average weight of typical rifle scopes.

The buttons on the device are easy to work with. You can operate the buttons and scope menu with just once free hand. The scope is adjustable so you can focus on the objects you want. 

You get a focus power of 3.3 inches and focus is also improved with the diopter. It takes two AA batteries to operate, and you’ll get 72 hours of operations when you don’t use the infrared illuminator and 20 hours when you use it.


The device is water-resistant, so it can be used in rainy weather or snowy conditions. There is a non-slip grip so you can hold it even if the device is wet. The scope always has a rubber cover so you can maintain a firm grip. It’s usable in a temperature range of 20 to 40ºC or -4 to 104°F.


This is a monocular scope with one eyepiece. You can cover a wide viewing area with the scope. The magnification is up to five times, and there are 15 different degrees of view available. It’s easy to see targets at long range with this scope.

Use the infrared illuminator to see targets in the dark a lot better for simple target acquisition. The pulse IR illuminator is one of the biggest objective lenses that you can buy. It’s the perfect choice for many different applications during the night.

How to Install

  • Have a gunsmith install scope if you don’t know how to.
  • Read all the instructions in the box prior to installation.
  • Ensure all the parts are and that the batteries work. Use fresh batteries for best operation.
  • Use a gun cradle and gunsmith screwdrivers to protect scope and rifle from damage.
  • Always tighten screws slowly and don’t force anything.
  • Check alignment and scope position.
  • Once installed ensure the scope is comfortable and easy to use.


An alternative product is the Firefield NVRS 3x42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope. It offers 3x magnification while the 5 x 50 has 5 x magnification. This one is easier to put on your rifle and take off as it has a weaver mount. The housing is titanium, so it’s quite durable.

This scope powers up quickly and features an ergonomic design for an easy grip. It also has a brightness feature to help you see better in different conditions. The downside is that it’s heavier than the 5 x 50 so you may want that one of weight is a concern for you.

Final Verdict

This concludes the Firefield 5x50 Night Vision Monocular Review. For those who want a water-resistant rifle scope and one that is lightweight, the Farfield 5x50 night vision scope is for you.

It gives you all you need in a night vision first-generation scope. Its easy operation allows you to use your scope right out of the box. The buttons are simple to reach on the scope so you can adjust without hassle. 

It comes in at a good price point when compared to similar items on the market so you'll save a lot of money. It’s suited for both amateur and professional shooters and those who want a simple scope without a lot of bells and whistles. This is not a flashy scope but does what you want it to do so it's well recommended.

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