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How to Fix Night Vision on Baby Monitors: Troubleshooting 101

How to Fix Night Vision on Baby Monitors: Troubleshooting 101

How to Fix Night Vision on Baby Monitors: Troubleshooting 101

New and prospective parents want nothing but the best for their babies, including security and protection, even when they are not physically near them. A good baby monitor provides good and effective monitoring features even at night time. This will save you from multiple trips to your baby’s room and give you more time to sleep. However, for them to work perfectly, you need to learn the basics of a baby monitor and how to fix night vision on baby monitors.

What Are Baby Monitors?

Baby monitors are one tool you can’t easily let go, especially if you are a new mom. This is because you’ll be able to monitor every movement of your baby anywhere in the house and in real time.

These baby monitors come in different types. All of which are equipped with a wide array of features that make monitoring a lot better and easier.


Most baby monitors have infrared night vision technology based on sensing near the infrared light with a wavelength ranging between 2500 and 750 nanometers.  The infrared light is then mounted near the camera to allow better monitoring of the subject even in the dark.

Communicating without any wires is made possible with the use of radiation, which can either be in the form of RF or microwaves. The use of these forms of radiation may alarm you as a parent, but baby monitors with night vision camera come with the safest quality. It can guarantee the protection of your baby against unnecessary exposure to radiation.

The Importance of Night Vision Baby Monitor

Parents tend to use baby monitors for safety precautions, more than as a security tool. Still, this will depend on your ultimate goal. Two of the most common goals and benefits of night vision baby monitors are:

  • Peace of mind: The use of a night vision baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby, especially during night time. This will give you and your baby good-sounding sleep.
  • Allows monitoring of your baby’s enthralling behavior: Using a baby monitor will allow you to see your baby’s actions and behavior. This is useful in households with radio and television blaring.

What Makes a Good Night Vision Baby Monitor?

The popularity of baby monitors brought about the increase of numerous brands and models. It is best that you consider the following features when choosing a baby monitor with night vision:

  • Clear video quality: The most important feature of a night vision monitor is its ability to show clear and high-quality videos. This should include your baby’s breathing, movements, and other activities even at night.
  • Ease of use: A good baby monitor should be portable and easy to use. Setting up a unit should also be straightforward, giving you more time to perform other vital tasks.
  • Parent unit control: The controls of the baby monitor allow you to adjust its sound and brightness. Having the same set of controls in the parent unit will enable you to manually change the settings even without going to your baby’s room. This will lessen the risk of waking up your baby.
  • Automatic and manual switch: Baby monitors should have a switch, both automatic and manual, to control day to night vision and vice versa. The automatic night vision switch is a useful tool for hassle-free management of your baby monitor.  On the other hand, the manual switch will allow easy adjustments, including light quality, to ensure the best room settings depending on your baby’s needs and requirements.
  • Remote controlled adjustments: The baby monitor’s parent unit should have a remote control feature that will tilt, pan, and adjust footages. This enables you to have an overview of the entire room, even without being physically present.
  • Recording features: High-end models of baby monitors have built-in SD card for video recording options. This lets you record and review stored footages for future references.

How to Fix Night Vision on Baby Monitors?

You may encounter problems with the baby monitors, especially with the night vision. When the issues occur, you may try to troubleshoot the problem using these methods:

1. Switch On and Off

Try to restart your camera by unplugging and plugging it back to the power source. Toggle the on-and-off button if it comes with a night vision mode switch.

2. Update to the Latest Firmware

Most brands of baby monitors regularly provide firmware to fix bugs and issues. Always check their site to see recent versions and updates. Make sure to download the correct firmware for your camera model and carefully follow instructions when updating your device.

3. Check the Batteries

One simple thing to do is to check or replace the battery of your camera. This might require the need for an extra power supply to activate its night vision mode.

Be sure to use good quality of the battery, battery chargers, and power adapters. Use only original supplies that are included with your package. The use of a different charger and adapter units may cause damage to your baby monitor.

4. Use a Different Power Source

Try plugging in your device to a different outlet. Check for possible ground loop problems or faulty lines in your power supply. It is best that the power supply for both wired and wireless camera is properly working to avoid severe problems.

5. Restore to Default Settings

Try to restore your camera to its default settings. Refer to the product manual for proper guides and instructions. That being said, restoring the unit will remove any previous configurations that you are using.

6. Contact Support Team

If worse comes to worst, contact the manufacturer’s support team for proper guidance on how to troubleshoot your device. Let their tech team assist you with the problems encountered.

Final Thoughts

Night vision baby monitors are complicated, yet very useful if you want to keep an eye on your loved ones. It should be kept in good condition at all times to ensure high quality and precise footage.

Knowing how to fix night vision on baby monitors might require special measures due to the device’s unique features. However, these can be done in your own home with the correct guidance from the user’s manual and technical support team.

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