Ocean-City Tracker Night Vision Goggle Review

Ocean-City Tracker Night Vision Goggle Review

If you’re looking for a night vision goggle that will truly let you enjoy the thrilling experience of night vision technology, then the Tracker Night Vision Goggle is a great buy that will let you experience all this and more.

About The Product

The Tracker goggle allows you to see your target even in complete darkness and is an excellent goggle perfect for various night-time activities such as night-time surveillance, observing wildlife, hunting, exploring dark caves, etc.

Using Ocean-City Tracker Night Vision Goggle

The goggle is equipped with advanced IR technology that allows you to see up to 100 meters in the dark. The goggle is equipped with an integrated LCD screen, high sensitivity sensor and an IR LED illuminator which can be adjusted for maximum stealth and makes seeing in the dark very easy.

The goggle has very low energy consumption and has a built-in rechargeable battery that gives you up to 6 hours of life per charge and 1.5 when you use the goggle continuously. Features of the Tracker Night Vision Goggle:

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    Weight: 1.54 lbs
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    Handsfree design
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    Multi-coated glass objectives
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    Integrated LCD screen
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    Infrared LED illuminator
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    High sensitivity sensor
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    Viewing up to 100 meters
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    Low energy consumption
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    Comes with rechargeable battery
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    Battery Life: 6 hours, continuous working: 1.5 hours

Setting up the goggles is very easy and to turn the goggles on, you need to simply slide the power switch. When the screen display of the goggle lights up on the inner side of the right eyepiece, you can fix the Tracker goggles to your head by simply adjusting the soft rubber straps provided around the top and sides.

You can select the maximum surveillance mode on the Tracker night vision goggle that produces a red LED light around the eyepiece, which is not discernible and this mode allows you to see up to 100 meters when it is absolutely dark. Or you can opt for the stealth mode, which allows you to be completely invisible while exploring the dark landscape around you.

The hands-free Tracker goggle has an excellent ergonomic design and the lightweight and compact design of the goggle makes it great night vision binoculars for all your night-time activities.

What We Liked

The Tracker goggle has received an overall rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon with 84% of the customers giving it a 5-star rating.

Ocean-City Tracker Night Vision Goggle Parts

Customers who bought the Tracker goggle said that the goggle gives a much better viewing experience than using a regular monocular at night and offers a bright and clear view. The adjustment of the goggle is very easy and it does not move and stays wherever you put it on.

Buyers felt that the goggle was the perfect size and can be carried around very easily. It is so compact that you can put it in your pocket while doing other things. Customers said that the goggle is so small and handy that you can put it in any place you need. It is a great night vision goggle for activities like camping.

Users found that the Tracker goggle is very easy to focus on things and view them and is a great device to watch nature and birds even during the day. The goggle offers a crystal clear view that illuminates everything around you in the night perfectly.

A customer said that he got the Tracker goggle for his kids to have some fun in the backyard and that the device is a great buy for the price and the kids could watch the plants and birds from very close. And, the customer also said that since the goggle is not very expensive, he does not have to worry about the kids messing it up.

A customer said that he had bought the monocular for a camping trip after a friend recommended it and he loved it when he tried it and said that the goggle had great features and you can see very clearly with it in the dark up to 300 meters and that he would definitely recommend it to others.

Buyers loved that the goggle is handsfree and were completely satisfied with the performance. The best part is that the users felt that the goggle is worth the price for the quality it offers.

What To Look Out For

Buyers felt that the Tracker goggle did not fit the face quite well and that it is quite difficult to move around while wearing the device.

A user felt that the Tracker goggle is very lightweight and the build is not the best. He felt that the head strap does not hold well and comes loose. The straps are very thin and made of imitation leather which does not hold the goggle in place properly.

He felt that the night vision of the goggle is extremely narrow and when you look through them the image is very boxy.

The buyer said that the goggle worked well at home but was not very suitable for hunting and when you try looking at far off distances, the view gets quite blurry, especially if you wear glasses. You cannot see well without wearing your glasses if you have poor eyesight.

Buying Advice

The Tracker goggle is available on Amazon with free shipping.

Ocean-City Tracker Night Vision Goggle

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The Verdict

The Tracker goggle is an extremely versatile device and the super stealth night vision goggle is indeed a great device for you and your kids to experience fantastic explorative adventures in the night. The handsfree stealth Tracker night vision goggle is a perfect accessory that is sure to make your camping trips and sleepovers super fun.

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