Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggle Review

Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggle Review

If you like camping out or love the thrill of hunting at night, then the Pulsar Edge GS night vision goggle is definitely a “must have” accessory. The Pulsar night goggle is an excellent device that you get when you combine a binocular with a night vision device.

About The Product

The Pulsar Edge is an excellent goggle that is perfect for brush hunting with a small 20 mm diameter lens that offers 1x magnification. The goggle offers a wide angular field of view which gives you an excellent depth perception.

Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggle Front Side

The Pulsar goggle allows comfortable operation and sufficient spatial orientation when in motion, i.e. it allows you to estimate your distance from any object or distance between objects accurately.

Apart from being used as a night vision goggle, the device can also be mounted on the head mount, which comes along with the goggle. Features of the Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggle:

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    Dimensions: 4.45” x 6.42” x 2.36”
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    Weight: 3 lbs
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    Lens Diameter: 20 mm
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    Magnification: 1x
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    Multi-coated lenses
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    R-contact optical system
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    High resolution
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    Inbuilt variable IR illuminator
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    CF-Super image intensifier tube
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    Wide 5-lens eyepiece
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    Comes with two AAA batteries

The Pulsar Edge night vision goggle features a powerful and bright IR illuminator, which is energy conserving that lets you operate the device for very long periods of time and the goggle also allows you to adjust the power as required. The goggle is powered by two AAA batteries.

The R-contact optical system of the Pulsar goggle has a high resolution and crystal clear lenses which are multi-coated. The various control elements and the IR power adjustment wheel are located on the top of the goggle.

The Pulsar Edge goggle features the CF-Super image intensifier tube which delivers excellent performance. This is complemented by a wide-angle 5-lens eyepiece that reduces any distortions.

The goggle has an inbuilt light exposure protection system that reduces or stops the feed to the tube automatically when the threshold level of luminescence is reached. The special optics of the Pulsar Edge goggle provides the best performance in terms of the resolution.

Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggle Back Side

The eyepiece is equipped with rubber cups, which help to reduce light emissions and also makes the goggle extremely comfortable to wear. The goggles are extremely compact and lightweight, which allows you to handle them very easily and you can use the goggle either handheld or you can even use it hands-free.

The body of the goggle is made of fibreglass and is resistant to dust and water. The superior construction of the Pulsar goggle makes it sturdy and durable. The housing of the goggle is sealed, which allows you to use it even in the harshest of conditions.

The Pulsar goggle does not use ambient light and makes use of the illuminator instead to reflect the light from the objects to deliver information about the image. The night vision goggle is excellent for close distance and mid-range viewing.

What We Liked

The Pulsar Edge goggle has received an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon with 70% customers giving it a 5-star rating. 

Buyers had very good reviews and feedback about the Pulsar Edge goggle and said that the goggle is an excellent Gen 1 device and perform extremely well. If there is moonlight, then the goggle offers excellent visibility without the IR and when there is total darkness, the IR provides excellent visibility.

Users said that the goggles produced a red glow if you are looking at it directly which is not visible when you look at it from an angle. They said that the AAA batteries that came along with the unit are a big plus. Overall, customers felt that the Pulsar goggle is a great value buy.

Customers felt that the Pulsar Edge goggle is an awesome device and you can attach it to your head strap or helmet. They felt that the goggle is an excellent buy for the price. In fact, a customer has described the Pulsar Edge goggle as the “best bang for your buck”.

Users said that the goggle works very well. Without the infrared light, it works alright and this depends on the ambient light around; however, when you turn on the infrared everything lights up very well and you can see very clearly up to 100 yards.

What To Look Out For

Most buyers felt that when you are using the IR on the night vision goggle, it is visible to anyone who is in front of you, which is a disadvantage, especially if you are going out hunting and want to remain hidden. Users also felt that the IR does not reach very far.

Pulsar Edge Night Vision Goggle

Source: pulsar-nv.com

Customers felt that the Pulsar Edge goggle is too flimsy and the construction is not very sturdy for the price that they are paying. They felt that the construction of the battery cover of the goggle is not very sturdy and is also very easy to misplace.

Buying Advice

The Pulsar Edge goggle is available on Amazon with free shipping.

The Verdict

Overall, the Pulsar Edge goggle is an extremely versatile device that can be used for several different types of applications. The excellent features of the goggle make the Pulsar Edge a great pair of Gen 1 goggle for navigation, hunting, gaming and home security.

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