Solomark Illuminator Night Vision Goggle Review

Solomark Illuminator Night Vision Goggle Review

Are you on the lookout for a top-quality goggle that offers great night vision? Then you could consider buying the Solomark Night Vision Goggle. The night vision goggle is manufactured by Solomark Optics, which is into the design and manufacturing of outdoor optics like binoculars, telescopes and hunting products.

The Solomark night vision goggle is an excellent device for activities such as observing wildlife, cave exploration, fishing and night hunting. And, the best part about the Solomark goggle is that apart from letting you view your targets in complete darkness, it allows you to take photos and videos too.

About The Product

The Solomark night vision goggle featuring the blue-infrared illuminator is an excellent device that is equipped with an integrated color LCD screen and multi-coated glass objective that allows you to view the images more clearly. The goggle maintains excellent brightness and allows you to observe your target up to 100 meters in the dark.

Using Solomark Illuminator Night Vision Goggle

The Solomark goggle is equipped with a 7-level LED IR illuminator that provides excellent illumination flexibility and also allows you to adjust the amount of illumination required to get the desired brightness level.

The IR illuminator also makes it easy for you to view up to 328 feet. The night vision of the goggle can deliver usable images even in very low light conditions without using the IR illuminator. Features of the Solomark Night Vision Goggle:

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    High sensitivity sensor
  • check
    Integrated color LCD screen
  • check
    IR Led illuminator
  • check
    Photo and video image function
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    Comes with a 1G micro SD card
  • check
    AV and USB function
  • check
    7 levels of flexible IR illumination
  • check
    Zoom control
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    Comes with a neck strap, mini USB cable, 4GB micro SD card, AV cable and a carrying case
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    Comes with a 2-year limited warranty

The night goggle is equipped with a USB and AV function which allows you to view all your photos and videos on television or transfer them to your computer. And, the file sharing is so easy that you can share all your moments of fun with your loved ones.

The goggle also has a zoom control feature that allows you to vary the image size. The goggle has an outer rubber covering which makes it very safe to handle the device so that it does not slip.

The compact build of the goggle makes it extremely comfortable to hold even during long sessions. And, the Solomark goggle can be used in several ways, you can hold it, link it to a harness or mount it on a tripod. 

Solomark Illuminator Night Vision Goggle Parts

So, if you’re looking for a versatile and affordable night vision goggle that offers true-to-life details, then the Solomark night vision goggle is an excellent choice for your wildlife spotting.

What We Liked

AV and USB functionality, allows you to transfer images to your computer and also share it with others. The goggle is very versatile and can be linked to a harness, mounted on a tripod or put into a bag. Rubber covering ensures that the goggle is safe and does not slip out of your hands while in use.

The Solomark goggle has received an overall rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon with 58% of the customers giving it a 5-star rating.

Customers who bought the Solomark goggle said that the build is quite solid and the illuminator works very well up to 100 meters. The AA batteries allow you to record a few hours of video without any problem. The goggle allows you to see into deep shadows and dark alleys clearly.

Users felt that the goggle is a great buy for the price and is well worth the money. And, if you want a goggle that offers acceptable resolution without creating a hole in your pocket, then the Solomark monocular is a reasonable buy.

Buyers said that you can see even in complete darkness and everything is extremely bright. Users found the 7 levels of IR power really great.

Customers felt that the Solomark monocular is a great buy, especially for the price. The goggle gives very clear pictures even in low light conditions and the IR works very well in complete darkness.

Customers felt that the goggle was a great accessory for camping and that they can do many outdoor activities that they could never do before.

What To Look Out For

Users said that the Solomark monocular has a very limited viewing range and if you are looking for a high-quality goggle, then the Solomark goggle may not be the right choice.

Solomark Illuminator Night Vision Goggle


Buyers felt that the camera is not very useful and said that the quality of the SD card is quite terrible. They also said that the sensor cap does not fit very well and you can lose the cap quite easily.

Customers said that the case of the monocular is a bit difficult to open and the battery case is also hard.  

Buying Advice

The Solomark Night Vision Goggle is available on Amazon with free shipping.

The Verdict

The Solomark goggle is an excellent night vision monocular that has plenty of features and is a high-quality product. The best part of the goggle is its capability of taking photos and recording videos. However, if you’re looking for a goggle that offers a higher definition or something that’s more compact, then the Solomark may not be the right option.  

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an inexpensive monocular for night use which is reliable, then the Solomark Night Vision Goggle is an excellent value-for-money buy.

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